HERo Hockey

HERo Hockey

My name is Kennady Bruun, I am 10 years old, in Gr.5 and live in Sexsmith, AB.  I live on a farm with my Mom Jill, Dad Chad, my 8 year old brother Stratton and my 7 year old sister, Blake.  We all play hockey and love it.  I have played hockey on a boys team since I was 6.  I love the game of hockey and everything that comes with it.  I have gained great friends, wicked skills and had some awesome coaches along the way.  But in my experience the game has generally been geared towards boys. There have been no more than 2 girls on my team and some years I was the only girl. I really enjoyed playing hockey with the boys, but as I began to get older I started to wonder why it was when I walked into sports stores that all of the gear, advertisements and apparel was focused mainly towards males?… this didn’t make sense to me because I played hockey, I am a girl and… I am better then some of the boys too ;) haha.    

A while ago, my family and I were watching the PWHPA game that was being broadcasted, which was terrible quality and difficult to source, unlike any of the male games we watch.  We started to discuss how females are not well represented in the hockey world.  I wanted to help change that idea and bring more awareness to female hockey.   

My mom and I came up with the idea of the launching a brand called, HERo Hockey.  The idea behind my brand is not only just to sell shirts, but to bring knowledge and awareness to everyone that we need to PLAY FOR HER.  Who ever you’re HER is…  if it’s your sister, your mother, your daughter, your hero or yourself, we all need to stand up and PLAY FOR HER!   

We also decided that we wanted to help give back and developed what we call the HERo Fund.  A portion of my profits along with any donations made to the HERo Fund will go directly to getting girls playing hockey.  We will work closely with local hockey associations to help out with equipment and registration costs for girls in need. We are still currently working on developing this program and hope to have enough in the HERo fund by the fall to help get more girls out on the ice! 

Our goal with HERo Hockey is to change the perception of our society in that hockey ain’t just for boys…From U7 all the way to the NWHL, girls deserve to play too. 

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