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Our Mission

We strive to provide athletes with a safe and encouraging environment to train. We want every athlete to feel equal and valued. We take pride in our endless support for our athletes and our drive to help them be successful. We have built a quality community of resources that only have the athletes best interests in mind. 

The Beginning

Start Strength started in January of 2019. We are located in the Hamilton/Burlington area of Ontario. It was a slow and troubled start but with some hard work and determination, here we are today. We work endlessly to provide nothing but our best. We dedicate ourselves to continuous education and learning.

Why athletes?

We too had hopes and dreams of becoming pro athletes in our prime. We aspired to play in the big leagues like those who we looked up to, but unfortunately for us, having a personal trainer, a phsyio or an RMT just wasn't a thing when we played sports. 

Now we want to help the kids who are just like us reach their goals, every successful athlete is a victory in our own dreams and goals. We know what it's like to have their emotions, their stress and their hardships; we know we can relate to them and provide a solid mentorship to them. 

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