Covid-19 Rules and Protocol:

  1. We are limiting athletes to a session; this will have to be booked in advance. We can add additional session times if necessary. We ask you notify 24hours prior to your session for cancellation to allow us to fill your spot.
  2. Athletes are to remain in the vehicles until we invite you into the building for your session. Parents are not permitted in the building.
    ** Gym Note **
    If the rear garage door is up, parents are welcome to watch from a distance.
  3. Athletes must wear masks in the lobby and bathrooms but are not required to wear them during fitness training.
  4. All athletes will sanitize hands when entering the building and when leaving. We sanitize equipment after each session.
  5. Athletes will remain distanced during the workouts.
  6. Covid-19 screening forms MUST be filled out prior to every session.
  7. We ask any athletes who are feeling ill OR are in a household where anyone feels ill to reschedule their session and remain at home. 
  8. We strongly encourage athletes to bring towels or face cloths to wipe sweat throughout their session to reduce amount that drips onto the floor or other surfaces.
  9. We strongly encourage athletes to bring personal water bottles as the fountain is not permitted unless for bottle refill during covid.