Nutrition Advisor

Meet Randy Stoochnoff.
I am a sports/fitness enthusiast who has participated in sports my entire life. I have completed a 2 year sports nutrition course, and am now a Certified Sports Nutrition Adviser (CSNA). In addition to being a CSNA, I've just recently completed the Precision Nutrition course, and am now a Precision Nutrition (Pn1) Level 1 Certified in Exercise Nutrition.
Sports nutrition is an exciting field that can help athletes with their nutritional needs to go along with their training. Now with the proper training, you can have the right nutritional stradegy to help one succeed along the road to achieving his/her goals. Too many times athletes don't have enough "left in the tank". Take the right steps to ensure that you have enough to finish strong every time. The right training together with the proper nutrition go hand in hand in achieving athletic success, no matter what the endeavor. Randy owns Game Face Sports Nutrition, where the moto is, always be ready to play, and show your game face.
In addition to the above, Randy has been a hockey scout for 10 Yrs., with 10 Yrs. at the Jr. B level, and 5 Yrs. at the Jr. A level. Randy resides in British Columbia, Canada. You could contact him at