Player Advisor

Meet Clint Hamaier.

Clint is a long time friend of ours and we are happy to have him as our player advisor, there is no one we would trust more with our athletes. Please read more about Clint below and reach out to him for a free consultation.


Clint is a former Minor-Pro player. While very proud of his short-lived playing career, his love for the game grew and he knew that his career was not over. Since playing he has gone on to work for teams in the NAHL, NA3HL, ACHA, SPHL, and FPHL. This has helped him to extend his network of contacts in the sport from the NHL and its minor league affiliates to numerous junior and college teams and leagues.

Wins in this sport come with hard work. Now the wins do not come from behind the bench for Clint, they come by helping his roster of players that he advises at Rule 1 Sports advance their careers and love the game as much as he does. To see my players, succeed is a win for me. I have aided in advancing 10 players to the Minor-Pro level, 10 to the European Pro level, 37 to NCAA programs, and 22 totop ACHA programs.

Almost every player that advances to the OHL, QMJHL, WHL, USHL, NAHL, and on to colligate and professional play, have representation. It is nearly a must these days. While coaches do their absolute best to advance players, their first and foremost goal is to win games. That is what they get paid to do. Our goal at Rule 1 Sports is to advance our players and our success rate is remarkably high. And unlike many other advising companies, we take a team approach to each player on our roster. So, if you signed on with Clint, you do not just have him in your corner, you have the whole Rule 1 team of advisors using every connection and asset we have to get you where you want to be.

Please, reach out and ask questions. It is important that each player and her/his family are comfortable with their advisor. I have had number players as a coach, tell me that they have not heard from their advisor in six months. That always made me sad for those players and their families. Most likely they paid for 12 months to be with that advisor and half of that time they were not in contact. At Rule 1, we will be in contact with you weekly, even once we get you to level you want for that season. We want to make sure you are reaching your goals and striving for new ones.

Contact Clint by:

Call/Text: 724-816-0382 (if you do not have out of an out of country calling plan, I do. Send a text or email & I’ll call you.)